This is the general information about my offer, and here you'll also find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Don't hesitate in contacting me after reading.


"Big Days"

Engagement Session

Wedding Day Coverage

1.350 euros
(23% VAT included)

"Small Days"

Engagement Session

Wedding Day Coverage

1.150 euros
(23% VAT included)


Delivery in 90 days

Online gallery, free download

Travel expenses in Portugal
(excludes Madeira and Azores islands)

Cloud based copy of your photos



Second Photographer — from 300 euros
Fine Art Wedding Albums — from 500 euros

Additional Costs


Accommodation  60 euros/night
(when +100Km from Lisbon)

Flights — per case

Extra hour of coverage — 150 euros/hour

Questions & Answers


How long is your FULL DAY wedding coverage?
Coverage hours are established in the contract. The FULL DAY coverage usually lasts between 12 and 14 hours. 


And how long is the Engagement Session?
We may need only an hour, or two or three. If you want to go somewhere distant — for example, more than 200Km away — you should take that day off because we will spend quite a few hours on the road. My goal is, besides delivering great photos, to provide an experience: we'll go wherever you are or where you'd want to go, we'll allow ourselves to be surprised, and I'll give you photos of complicity and intimacy.


Most of our guests don't speak Portuguese. Is it a problem?
I'm fluent in English; I remember my French classes; and I do not disappoint in Portunhol — which means Spanish "the Portuguese way", i.e., not 100% correct but we understand each other easily.


Do you work only in Lisbon, or are you available to travel?
I'm based in Lisbon, but I photograph across Portugal and anywhere in Europe or the World.



We're not in Portugal. Can we have the Engagement Session where we live?
Of course! I'll meet you anywhere you'd like. Travelling in Europe is easy and quick.


We don't want to have an Engagement Session. The price changes?
The Engagement Session is part of my offer and workflow. I want to give you the best photographs and provide an experience while doing that. Also, that's when we start building our collaboration. And, even more important, it's when we find out what makes you comfortable, so we can be in sync on your wedding day.

Even if you're on a limited timeframe, because you're travelling to Portugal very close to your wedding date, for example, I encourage you to have it and we'll make it shorter and still be able to produce beautiful pictures.

If, even so, you still don't want to have the Engagement Session, package price doesn't change.


Are we having a team of photographers?
João Makes Photos is me, João — a professional photographer, every day, not just on weekends.

A second photographer is advisable when logistics oblige (for example, when bride and groom are getting ready in distant places); when the number of guests exceeds 170; and whenever you want to have that wider coverage. All second photographers I work with are also wedding photographers


How shall we book your services?
Booking is guaranteed upon payment of 50% of the total amount at the time of signing the contract, after we meet by Skype ou in person. The remaining 50% is due until the wedding day. Bank transfer, Paypal or cash, all are suitable.



Can we read the contract before we decide?
Of course. The text is a work base and can be changed until the final agreement and signatures. If you want me to be your photographer and wish to proceed, we share those documents.


How many photos will we receive?
I usually deliver between 500 and 800 images from a full day coverage, but there is no fixed number - each wedding is unique.

Which size are the JPEG files?
4,000 pixels on the longest side and 300 dpi, which allows printing in large formats. The online galleries files are smaller (storage reasons) but I do send to those who request (and without any costs) the same photograph with higher resolution.

Can we print the photos?
Of course yes. I can recommend you the best places to do it in Lisbon, to make sure the colors stay the same as in the original files.


What equipment do you use?
Canon professional cameras and lenses. The cameras, for example, record simultaneously on two memory cards, which makes a continuous backup.

Cloud based backups?
Yes, my worst nightmare is the idea of losing clients photographs. So if your computer implodes — or mine! — there will be a copy of your images.


Is the album also delivered in 60 days?
No. Albums have distinct production times and involve other suppliers. They're usually delivered at your address 90 days after you approve the design.


We also want a wedding video.
I can help with suggestions of videographers whom I trust and whose work I do like.

Do you work with Wedding Planners?
Yes, I collaborate with Wedding Planners, but it is important that you and I communicate directly to create a trusty relationship, which will be noticed at the time of photography.